Different Tack

I entered three prints at a local open exhibition.


As a change of pace I entered linocut prints.

A small print of an Avocet, based on a photo from a sea kayaking trip.

Two colour medium sized Green Cormorant, from a photo taken on a walk along the New River near Ware, in Hertfordshire.

Hestar, Icelandic horses photographed on a family holiday, a medium large print, a Jigsaw of eight pieces, individually inked, placed back together and printed in one pass through the press. 

I am pleased that the judges selected one of my prints, Hestar, for the show. 

It is certainly a new experience for me to see my print getting through, and to see it shown alongside some great pieces.

If you get a chance, pop along, the show is on until 6th May. Check http://www.courtyardarts.co.uk for opening times.


It’s been a while

I have been a bit quiet, but have still been getting out to piers.

19 piers have been visited, completed 15 plates and printed 13.

The end of August I took photos of Saltburn and Cleethorpes, a bit of a journey up the East Coast.

Then further ventures working my way around the South East, with a small diversion to try and get a decent photo of Walton on the Naze pier, not sure if I have succeeded in that.

It was nice to get Gravesend and Herne Bay in one day.

Carrying on around the coast, via Deal, Folkestone Harbour Arm, Hastings, Brighton and Eastbourne.

It was a glorious couple of days in February, catching up with friends in Brighton on Saturday after getting some nice shots of the pier and remains of a pier.

Then on Sunday made good use of the tide and weather to get a sneaky trip to Beachy Head from Eastbourne.

Which brings me up to date, with my Worthing problem. I have visited Worthing twice, driving down in beautiful sunshine to find Worthing covered in a sea mist on both occasions. 

Not completely wasted journeys, it not that often that I am the youngest person in a cafe.

So, still a couple to capture on the East Coast, Harwich Halfpenny and Skegness, carry on around the South Coast, only 40 to go.

Hopefully get a couple of days paddling next week.

Print Run

I had a weekend free, so decided to have a print run.

The day’s seemed to be spent inking and wiping, but managed to produce at least one of each pier etched so far.


Great Yarmouth Britannia

Great Yarmouth Wellington

Lowestoft South

Lowestoft Claremont





So that’s nine down, when I  started this the National  Piers Society had 56 on their list, it has gone up to 59, so this is either a race to finish, or a longer project than anticipated.

EC3 4 Piers 2 seals

Back to Great Yarmouth, a day planned around bagging the last four piers for this week. The local weather was a bit shabby, rain with a touch of thunder. But a quick check on the internet showed the thunder was moving offshore, so it was a skin on frame boat day, back to the Beach Hut for a pre paddle coffee and cake.

Setting off in bright sunshine, paddling south to Britannia, then on to Wellington. Not a lot of water round these piers.

But paddling back from Wellington pier, I was startled by a snorting noise behind me, as this curious seal joined me all the way back to the get out.

So making my way back up the beach, watched by the seal, that at one point I thought was going to get out with me, I loaded the kayak up and headed to Lowestoft, for Claremont and South Piers.

With a quick nod to the lifeguards, I set off on what looked like a simple paddle. A few shots of Claremont.

It was a short paddle across to South Pier. A little info sometimes helps, I wished I had read the pilot notes, the choppy waters around the harbour mouth wouldn’t have been a surprise. I could see the chop and mild chaos, which was ok when paddling, but stopping and taking pictures proved interesting, and a bit of company would have been appreciated, to lean on while clicking away.

It was a bit of a relief to get into calmer water, where the second seal of the day followed me, no pictures this time, but piers and seals, a good day.

East Coast part two

The plan for Wednesday was to try and get three piers, Cromer, and then follow the tide, drive to Great Yarmouth to catch two more piers. On the drive North, I wanted to do a quick site check at Great Yarmouth, sort out parking and access, parked close to the Beach Hut, good coffee and chocolate brownies.

In Cromer, parking on a steep hill near the pier and the RNLI museum, it was a short walk to the water.

Still working on Cromer Pier.

With added lifeboat station.

The dash down the coast to Great Yarmouth didn’t pay off, as I parked up the sea mist was rolling in, so back to Woodbridge, and plan the return visit.

First few days on the East Coast

The holiday based on the East Coast was planned, a week away with family and a few piers to visit.

We stayed in Woodbridge on the River Deben, tidal, with large expanses of mud at low tide, but a very pretty place. Renting the Harbour Masters Cottage meant we had great views, and the sound of the shore, including some very vocal Oystercatchers.

With a tick list of seven piers to visit, there was a lot to pack in, with tidal planning and trying to forecast weather, a few notes were made to try and get a plan that may work.

After settling in and checking out the town, Sunday was the first day paddling, and a chance to test one of the new kayaks from work. Heading out for photos of Felixstowe Pier in an Oru Kayak, an interesting bit of kit.

I think this picture will make the basis for a print, or at least a good starting point.

Tuesday, with the sea kayak, paddles and all the kit in the boot of a VW Golf, Southwold was next. 

A short, sharp paddle with the origami boat to bag the pier, catching the tide late afternoon. I got off the water to stories of ice creams being purchased, but that the shops were now shut.

Two different views of Southwold Pier, an active place with some very strange machines.

Two Pier Prints

With paddle plans cancelled, printing called.
The first two plates were prepared, starting with Clacton Pier. 

Still playing with colours and plate tone, but the process begins.

Then Southend Pier and Leigh Buoy, my local paddle spot.

Looking forward to the East Coast, and some sneaky trips to the South Coast through June.