Starting out

I have an aim, not my usual target, but a challenge all the same.

This is the launch of a new project, and a journey to complete an ongoing project.

I want to complete a kayaking challenge, my discipline specific UKCC Level 3 Coach (Sea) assessment. This has proved to be a bigger test than expected, made a little harder by an elbow dislocation in November.

To be frank, I was lucky, nothing broke, and the stuff floating about in the joint hasn’t interrupted the movement of the joint, yet.

But after five months the elbow moves almost normally, but still hurts, a lot, every day. This is a climbing injury, and my bouldering is being limited by my mind, more than the physical problem. The doctors I climb with assure me this has been a quick recovery, and the pain is normal.

So, the injury scuppered the original plan for this year, I will save the sheer physical challenge for another time.

I am trying to complete an artistic goal, with a paddle theme.

Visit all the surviving piers of Britain, 56 as I write. Most pictures you see of piers are from the land, I want to take pictures from at sea, and use these for the production of a fine art print, etching, relief print or collagraph, hell, maybe even a screen print if the image calls for it.

To give you a flavour, here is a collagraph of Southend Pier, and a solar plate etching of Red Sands Fort.

Anyone involved in paddling with me, including the people working on their long term development, we are going to have a mainly pier based year, because this all needs to be completed by April 2017.

Just picked up a printing press from the great and very helpful Intaglio Printmakers, so the journey begins.


3 thoughts on “Starting out

  1. Wow John well done all looks very exciting cant wait to see your 1st prints on your new machine

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