First few days on the East Coast

The holiday based on the East Coast was planned, a week away with family and a few piers to visit.

We stayed in Woodbridge on the River Deben, tidal, with large expanses of mud at low tide, but a very pretty place. Renting the Harbour Masters Cottage meant we had great views, and the sound of the shore, including some very vocal Oystercatchers.

With a tick list of seven piers to visit, there was a lot to pack in, with tidal planning and trying to forecast weather, a few notes were made to try and get a plan that may work.

After settling in and checking out the town, Sunday was the first day paddling, and a chance to test one of the new kayaks from work. Heading out for photos of Felixstowe Pier in an Oru Kayak, an interesting bit of kit.

I think this picture will make the basis for a print, or at least a good starting point.

Tuesday, with the sea kayak, paddles and all the kit in the boot of a VW Golf, Southwold was next. 

A short, sharp paddle with the origami boat to bag the pier, catching the tide late afternoon. I got off the water to stories of ice creams being purchased, but that the shops were now shut.

Two different views of Southwold Pier, an active place with some very strange machines.


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