Two Pier Prints

With paddle plans cancelled, printing called.
The first two plates were prepared, starting with Clacton Pier. 

Still playing with colours and plate tone, but the process begins.

Then Southend Pier and Leigh Buoy, my local paddle spot.

Looking forward to the East Coast, and some sneaky trips to the South Coast through June.


One down, 55 to go.

Friday was a glorious day, so a pier visit was planned.

After an early visit to the garage to get my car serviced, I wanted to visit Clacton Pier. 

This was a raid, park up, unload, kit up, paddle out, get the photos, get off and leave. As plans go, this worked out well, except for the pictures. The images of a pier, near the top of a spring tide, were disappointing. There was very little of the pier structure showing.

So after a coffee at Number 1 Kiosk, I decided to return at a lower state of tide, on Monday.

Leaving home earlier than I normally do on a work day, I arrived in sunny Clacton, ready for the rising tide. I am still not up to speed with lifting and carrying, so it means that my light, skin on frame kayak, is the boat of choice. Thanks Kiliii.

Setting out to sea, in a light NWesterly breeze, the boat made slick progress against the tide, it just felt so easy, heading further out to get some photos.

Paddling back in, with a following sea, and the mini surf surges, to an easy beach landing. While putting the kayak up on the promenade, a cheery local asked if I had just arrived from Calais. Setting my kit to dry in the sun, it was back to Number 1 Kiosk, for coffee and a sausage sandwich.

I think that one of the images above, will provide the source for the first print of the series.

If every pier needs more than one visit, this could be really tough, but getting there at the right time was a good lesson to learn.

Saturday looks like a visit to the mighty Southend Pier, with a couple of my ‘long term development’ paddlers, they are trip planning Wednesday evening.